What is Safe Hands?

Online, print, editing, writing – you name it, I’ve done it. I just never got to cover cricket matches.  Along the line, I discovered that I was good at training other people – and that I really enjoyed the process of transferring skills and knowledge and life lessons. Put that together with my passion for journalism and you have Safe Hands, the quiet phrase used in subs rooms to describe the quality most admired in an editor.


I’m a content professional in the prime of my career, with editing, writing and management experience. I can also spell.

I have a teenage son, a jumpy dog, three cats, a serious quilting habit, a vegetable garden and a business. And yet I still manage to spend time drinking craft beer in some of Cape Town’s finest pubs. How do I manage all that? A supportive husband, iron discipline, high organisational skills and a clear sense of what is important and what is not (clue: having fun is more important than washing socks).


  • A BA (Hons) degree in  English and a high school teaching diploma
  • Five years reporting experience
  • 10 years print editing experience (copy, page layout, management and training)
  • 10 years online editing experience (copy, writing, management, project work, training)

Examples of my written work on carried on my personal blog The Tidiness Project.




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