Skin colour in emojis: the dilemma (solved?)

What to do about skin colour in emojis? There are no easy answers, but I think I got there…

My young son and his friends are gently amused by the way the parental generation uses emojis.

Apparently, we either use them too much, or too literally. When I send a smiley face emoji, I mean I am smiling. Out there in young-people-land, it’s not so simple.

Personally, I’m happy to keep on using emojis to express my feelings, directly and literally. What I have never been happy about is the issue of what colour to use when I pick a human-representative emoji (sometimes of course, the choice isn’t available; these things do vary from app to app and platform to platform).

Yes, indeed, I am about to venture into the territory of skin colour and its representation in the digital world.

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End of year greetings: Ke Dezemba boss!

South Africans celebrate the end of each long year in their own special way. Let’s get into the spirit of Dezemba!

“Have you written your blog post for this week?” asked Anya, the lovely young woman who does the posting and sharing and social media-ing for me.

I hadn’t written it, or even thought about it.

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What keeps me awake at night

 “One of the writers on the internet who tell people what they need to do to be a proper writer recently said you should write about what keeps you awake at night…”  so starts a piece of writing by Tom Cox. 

Cox then proceeds to write beautifully about what it is that keeps him awake at night – mostly, one of his cats loudly eating mice that it has caught.

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How to (not) be a middle-class homesteader

Homesteading means living a self-sufficient lifestyle, with little help from others. Can you be a homesteader in a Cape Town suburb? Sort of…

Wrapping a present for my mother’s birthday, I remarked to assembled family members: “We are now full members of the middle classes.”

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A 21st century business value – honesty 

An interview with Jack Seddon, bottler of honey and breaker of business models. What if we all went for total honesty in business?

When you buy something in a supermarket, how much do you know about it really? Say it’s a bottle of honey – where did the honey come from, where was it bottled, how did it get to that shelf?

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Making up with make-up

To use make-up, or not? I’ve always been in the camp of keeping it to a minimum but that could change…

My ideas of ways to dress and how I look are firmly held,

And some of them are just ridiculous.

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Breaking up with cars is hard to do

Cars are fossil-fuel-guzzling dinosaurs. And yet, they meet human needs, and capture our hearts, in ways that public transport just does not…

 In August 1996, I bought a car – out of the box, brand new.

Until that point, I’d owned two second-hand cars, with various idiosyncrasies. The first, a Ford Escort, listed endearingly to one side, and yet made several 1000km trips from Cape Town to East London and back. The car was stolen while I was at a music concert, and found burnt out and ruined.

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