Nope, you can’t have everything (and that means everyone)

The question of electricity (and where it comes from) has been much on the minds of South Africans lately.

Ongoing entrenched problems at the nation’s power utility mean we suffer from “loadshedding” – rotational power cuts, aimed at preventing the national grid from collapse. (There’s a good explainer here).

The latest round of these power cuts happened at around the same time as sustained international news coverage of COP26 and the climate crisis.
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Life’s compasses: What I learned from Terry Pratchett

Earlier this year, I set out to write about the things that are my life’s compasses, and the directions they have sent me in, with the hope that some of the things I have learned will be of help to other people.

Previously: Life’s compasses: What I learned from Star Wars

Today, the guide we follow is fantasy writer Terry Pratchett. Literary snobs look down on fantasy, and they are often right, But, as observed by science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon: “ninety percent of everything is crap”. Pratchett is in the 10% that is wonderful. In his Discworld series, he reflects on humanity and its failings and triumphs, with a deep and compassionate insight – and with a storytelling power to rival Dickens.
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How a village makes us all human

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child.*

In the case of my own son, it takes a playgroup.

I had Jack when I was a career-oriented, control-freaky 40 year old. I knew I was a prime candidate for post-natal depression and knew that I was going to have to look for and take all the support I could get.
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