Renee Moodie, Safe Hands

I am a journalist who draws on over thirty years of print and online experience to offer a range of website and editorial services.

You get calm, organised, speedy and friendly services in these fields:

• Online journalism (curation, news copy editing, day-to-day management; project management, superior headlines, consulting on management of online teams and production systems).

• Editing, proofreading and project management (specialising in journalism, literature, fantasy, food and crafts).

• Training and coaching – a wide range of editorial and production modules are available. I also offer online coaching for groups or individuals.

My Experience

• A BA (Hons) degree in English, Psychology and Literary Theory and a high school teaching diploma. I obtained my Honours degree and teaching diploma at the University of Cape Town, and my BA at the then University of Port Elizabeth. That means: high-level English language skills, research ability, analytical thinking and a proper understanding of education.

• Five years reporting experience on the Cape Times, a morning newspaper in Cape Town. That means: writing ability, on-the-ground reporting experience and an understanding of how news is gathered.

• 10 years print editing experience on the Cape Argus, Cape Town’s afternoon newspaper. That means the ability to cut and cobble stories, headline writing skills and page layout experience. Since I was eventually promoted to deputy chief sub, it also lay the groundwork for management skills and was the start of my training practice (I was part of a training team for a big content management system change).

• Three years freelancing experience, in which I ran a parenting website, did copy editing for magazines and proof-read non-fiction books. That means the obvious editing skills, but also experience in running my own business.

• 10 years online editing experience at Independent Online, starting in 1999 and running through to 2016 (with a break to have a baby and do the above-mentioned freelancing). That means: I was in at the beginning of online news in South Africa and in those years at IOL I did every kind of thing that might be involved in online news: copy editing, writing, management, project work, training. I ran entertainment and lifestyle websites for many years, in addition to my other duties. I was part of various management and executive teams and have a solid understanding of online business strategy.

• I am that rare thing: a journalist who likes to understand the technical underpinnings of what I do. I have taught myself several content management systems, have dabbled in coding and have recently built several standard WordPress sites: The Books PageWordchest and Atlantic City TV.

• I have done courses in web devlopment, social media, SEO and project management.

• I have a long-standing marriage and a teenage son – and have found those emotional journeys very useful in informing my work life.

Professional memberships

Renee Moodie, Safe Hands
Renee Moodie, Safe Hands
Renee Moodie, Safe Hands