General Journalism Training

My first step is always a needs analysis (which can often be done very quickly). Based on the needs analysis, it might be found that specific individuals need mentoring or the analysis might uncover a need for more formal group training. All training needs to be tied to measurable outcomes, which I discuss and establish before training begins. And all my training is based on hands-on learning, rather than theory delivered in PowerPoint (though there might be some of that too).

I offer a flexible set of modules aimed primarily at content editors on news websites. There are some modules that are suitable for members of the public, or that would work for people in government, NGOs or corporates. Courses can be tailored to meet individual needs.  Modules or elements of modules can be fleshed out into full, standalone workshops.The three modules available are:

MODULE ONE: Blogging (or how to make a small website)

MODULE TWO: Content production

MODULE THREE: Production management


My rates are here

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