The world is filled with people who want websites that look good and that serve their business needs. The world is also filled with designers and developers who have the skills needed to make those websites – but they are young, cool and that can be intimidating. They also have a tendency to talk in impenetrable jargon. I have spent over 10 years in meeting rooms and coffee shops with these gorgeous people, and I know how to talk to them and how to translate what they are saying into plain English. I have also been an executive member of staff at an online news website, a manager and a project team member so I understand business and money. I can:

  • Help businesses get the websites they want (consultancy work)
  • Help designers and developers focus on delivering what it is that the client wants (consultancy)
  • Work with project teams to make sure everyone stays on side (consultancy).
  • Build you a simple and sustainable WordPress site (pricing here)
  • Proofread the pages of your site, test links and navigation paths
  • Offer SEO and social media advice.

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