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I offer my services across a wide range of digital and editorial disciplines.






The world is filled with people who want websites that look good and that serve their business needs. The world is also filled with designers and developers who have the skills needed to make those websites – but they are young, cool and that can be intimidating. They also have a tendency to talk in impenetrable jargon. I have spent over 10 years in meeting rooms and coffee shops with these gorgeous people, and I know how to talk to them and how to translate what they are saying into plain English. I have also been an executive member of staff at an online news website, a manager and a project team member so I understand business and money. I can:

  • Help businesses get the websites they want (consultancy work)
  • Help designers and developers focus on delivering what it is that the client wants (consultancy)
  • Work with project teams to make sure everyone stays on side (consultancy).
  • Build you a simple and sustainable WordPress site (pricing here)
  • Proofread the pages of your site, test links and navigation paths
  • Offer SEO and social media advice.
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IOL is the online arm of one of South Africa’s major newspaper groups. In addition to being a breaking news site, it offers many “channels” in areas like sport or motoring or business. In my years there, I moved from working on breaking news to running channels like entertainment or lifestyle. I was also the go-to person to stand in for any member of staff on any channel. That is because I can take the basic principles of online editorial work and apply them wherever they are needed. Those skills encompass:

  • Understanding the broader diary of events and setting the daily content agenda
  • Copytasting according to editorial policy and readers’ needs
  • Editing copy according to house style
  • Writing compelling headlines and blurbs
  • Working at speed (and making calls about quality versus quantity on a minute-by-minute basis)
  • Specialist projects like live tweeting or live blogging

I can offer these skills on a freelance basis to any media house who may need them.


What I offer as an editor and writer

Books: I specialise in proofreading and editing lifestyle-related manuscripts. As a former Lifestyle Editor and the holder of a BA (Hons) degree in English, I can work with hybrid texts that contain elements as varied as story-telling and recipes. As a member of a quilting guild, I can also cast a keen eye over crafting books.

Magazines: I have project management skills – and a keen sense of the importance of a deadline. I can proofread pages speedily and efficiently, paying special attention to sections that need a detailed eye: recipes and crosswords come to mind. I understand the needs of the market and can ensure that your product goes to press squeaky clean.

Writing: I can research and write content for websites or articles for magazines. I can also rewrite content where needed.


My first step is always a needs analysis (which can often be done very quickly). Based on the needs analysis, it might be found that specific individuals need mentoring or the analysis might uncover a need for more formal group training. All training needs to be tied to measurable outcomes, which I discuss and establish before training begins. And all my training is based on hands-on learning, rather than theory delivered in PowerPoint (though there might be some of that too).

I offer a flexible set of modules aimed primarily at content editors on news websites. There are some modules that are suitable for members of the public, or that would work for people in government, NGOs or corporates. Courses can be tailored to meet individual needs.  Modules or elements of modules can be fleshed out into full, standalone workshops.The three modules available are:

MODULE ONE: Blogging (or how to make a small website)

MODULE TWO: Content production

MODULE THREE: Production management


My rates are here.

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