Services Offered

I offer my services across a wide range of digital and editorial disciplines.

Accepted wisdom about running your own business is that it is better to specialise than to offer a wide range of generalist services.

Walt Kania sums it up well:

Yes. Specialists always do better. There is no debating this. I can’t think of any freelancer who made it big as a handyman. The world already has plenty of all-purpose copywriters, versatile translators, general web designers and utility infielders. Don’t jump into that haystack. You will be lost forever… you stake out your private territory, even if it’s the size of a beach towel, and then own it. You’re not trying to cover all bases, appeal to everyone, do everything. You have your thing.

Looking at the range of services I offer it does seem as though I am ignoring this tried-and-tested rule.

But look more closely and it becomes apparent which beach towel I own.

If you have a problem involving words or websites, I can solve that problem. What you are getting is my brain and my hands and my speed and my editorial and technical knowledge, gained in over 30 years of a journalistic working life.

I do the details so you don’t have to.

There’s more about what I can do for you on these pages:

Online news editing

Editing, proofreading and writing


Websites & WordPress

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