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Picture by Artur Cimoch,

I worked for many years at IOL, the online arm of one of South Africa’s major newspaper groups. In addition to being a breaking news site, it offers many “channels” in areas like sport or motoring or business.

While working there, I moved from working on breaking news to running channels like entertainment or lifestyle. I was also the go-to person to stand in for any member of staff on any channel.

I can take the basic principles of online editorial work and apply them wherever they are needed. Those skills encompass:

• Understanding the diary of events and setting the daily content agenda

• Copytasting according to editorial policy and readers’ needs

• Editing copy according to house style

• Finding and editing pictures

• Writing compelling headlines and blurbs

• Working at speed (and making calls about quality versus quantity on a minute-by-minute basis)

• Specialist projects like live tweeting or live blogging

• Posting to social media in accordance with the site’s policies

I can offer these skills on a freelance basis to any media house who may need them.

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