SA history just an exercise in boredom?

Cape Town – So, Freedom Day.

On Tuesday night I reflected quietly on the freedom of not setting an alarm for the following morning, but resisted the temptation to share the thought on social media for fear of seeming to trivialise the day [April 27].

On Wednesday we had a friend round for a braai, who said that as she was driving to our house someone on the radio was talking about how we voted all those years ago, and were part of history before it became history. I asked my 13 year old if he knew what Freedom Day commemorated and he rolled his eyes at me. Of course he knows.  Continue reading

Forget the ‘BitchSwitch’ and get to work

Cape Town – So, is there a “bitch switch” or not?

Cell C CEO Jose do Santos has had a terrible week for saying – on online radio station CliffCentral- that they do. After an outcry, he apologised. Then senior women managers at Cell C issued a statement supporting him, saying that while he had chosen some inappropriate words, these were “far outweighed [by] what he has done for every employee in this company, particularly women”.

And Adriaan Groenewald, who interviewed Dos Santos, took to Twitter to defend him. “People must listen to the interview for context,” he said.

I don’t know what Dos Santos was thinking, because that is simply not the sort of thing the head of a large business says in public.  Continue reading

7 ways to a less cluttered house

Cape Town – When my niece was in Grade 2, she needed an empty shoebox for a project.



This should have been simple – but it wasn’t.

Neither my sister, my mother nor I had such a thing as an empty shoebox. I had to ask a colleague (who has beautiful taste in shoes) to bring one to the office so that the school could get its project.  Continue reading

Things I have learned while lying down

A way to work while supine.

A way to work while supine.

Cape Town – It was a laundry basket that did it.

As I have done for years, I pulled the wet washing out of the machine and put it in the basket. Then I lifted the basket on to the top of the washing machine, ready for hanging out the next morning.

My back went into instant spasm – and the next morning I was being driven to the doctor for the first of many appointments. I’ve been prodded and poked, bent and banged, scanned and X-rayed. The upshot is that a disc in my lower spine has “extruded” and is impinging on a nerve, meaning that my right leg is subject to a constant dull ache and sitting down is well-nigh impossible.  Continue reading

When #mtg cards meet a mom

Cape Town – Every week, I have to come up with an idea for a column.

Sometimes the idea is right there in front of me. Sometimes there are lots of ideas I just don’t want to touch. And sometimes there is nothing at all.

This was one of those weeks.

What, I said to my husband and son, am I going to write about?

Magic the Gathering cards

Magic the Gathering cards

Jack, 13, had an instant response: write about Magic The Gathering, he said.
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When beauty is in the detail

Cape Town – I spent a couple of hours in paradise this week.

Well. maybe not paradise exactly, but it is a gorgeous piece of Cape Town.

I was invited to spend some time with Groot Constantia’s winemaker Boela Gerber, and so a gorgeous late summer Wednesday was spent on the country’s oldest wine estate rather than eating lunch at my desk.

I’m on a steep learning curve in the world of wine and the kind PR people who represent Groot Constantia thought I could up my game a little by spending some time there. Boela took me on a tour of the vineyards and we did some tasting of his fine wines sitting outside at Jonkershuis, and I did learn a lot.
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The simple joys of camping

Cape Town – A friend – a women of strong views – is adamant: she will not go on holiday to any plac

The evening braai over the Dutoitskloof mountains.

The evening braai over the Dutoitskloof mountains.

e where she cannot plug in her hairdryer.

And I know what she means. The daily shower ritual is as essential to me as breathing. The day simply does not begin until I have stood in some hot water, done my face and put in some earrings.

And yet there is something to be said for unhooking oneself from the daily rituals.

One way to completely unhook is to go camping.  Continue reading