Use of Artificial Intelligence: Safe Hands Policy

  1. I sometimes use ChatGPT to generate ideas or to point me in directions I may not have thought about, or known about, for avenues of research. If I use any of the text generated by ChatGPT, I will always rewrite it, and disclose that I have used text from ChatGPT.
  2. If I ask ChatGPT to generate text for me, I always ask it to cite sources. If I use the text in any substantive way, I will cite those sources, (See the example at the bottom of this policy!)
  3. I will use common sense, visit those sources and/or use other research to verify the accuracy of any information I take from AI sources.
  4. If I generate pictures using AI tools I will disclose that (in the same way that I credit other pictures I use).
  5. I still strive to use AI tools that respect copyright laws and do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. (See point 2 about the citing of sources).
  6. I monitor AI-generated content for potentially false, misleading, or harmful information (just as I do with any and all material I see on social media.)
  7. I am compliant with protection of privacy legislation in South Africa, and apply those same protocols when using AI to gather or analyse data for content creation.
  8. I am mindful of biases in AI algorithms and strive to produce content that reflects a wide range of perspectives.
  9. All content on this website is written, edited and posted by human beings, except where otherwise explicitly stated.
  10. I am committed to staying informed about developments in AI technology and the implications for content creation. I will regularly update policies and practices to reflect advancements and ethical considerations.
  11. I encourage feedback from readers and stakeholders about the use of AI in content creation. Please use my contact form if you have any questions or concerns.

DATE: February 19, 2024

NOTE: I used a ChatGPT-generated response to guide my writing of this policy, but have extensively rewritten it to reflect my circumstances. ChatGPT cited the following sources for the text it generated:


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Hao, K. (2019). This is how AI bias really happens—and why it’s so hard to fix. MIT Technology Review. []

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (2018). *Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council*. []

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