Twitter’s 280-characters just too many? Here’s a way to cope…

Twitter logo

Twitter logo: Picture: Pixabay

I am in two minds about Twitter’s decision to allow 280-character tweets.
One the one hand, when only 140 characters were allowed, I often felt that I could do with just an extra few characters to get in an extra hashtag, or a telling phrase.

And I think that the imposed brevity meant people often substituted a short hashtag for actual meaning, as seen here:

Looking for inspiration during #NaNoWriMo2017? These classic authors have you covered.

What is #NaNoWriMo2017 anyway? Turns out it is National Novel Writing Month. That tweet would be better like this:

Looking for inspiration during National Novel Writing Month? These classic authors have you covered. #NaNoWriMo2017

The extra characters which Twitter now allows mean that it is now possible to put in just a little extra background, where needed, without resorting to mysterious and irritating hashtags.

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How to embed social media in posts – online lesson

I am experimenting with making online lessons.
This is my first effort – a look at three ways to embed social media in online posts (complete with videos).
The lesson is free, but you will have to register on Coursecraft to see it.
Any comments or feedback welcome.

VIDEO: How to embed a tweet in a post

Over on YouTube, I have channel called TheReneemoodie, where I demonstrate some the things that I might do in a training course.

The first one looked at how to make an entire tweet appear in a WordPress post (though the procedure is easily replicable to other content managment systems.

Here it is: