Why I love poetry (and how you can too)

    Sunset over a river

    Dealing with email can be a daily organisational chore – but it can also bring joy. In my daily emails, in among the serious stuff about the state of journalism and the endless promotional emails from Clicks (no matter how many times I unsubscribe, they find a way to send me more), is the Poem of the Day from the Poetry Foundation. I don’t remember now when I first came across the Poetry Foundation, but…

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    What is a CMS? What does it do?

    People who work on newspapers or on news websites speak often of “the system”. Sometimes they mean it in a general sense (the way in which the world is run, or how their company works) – but mostly they mean the computer program that they use to write or edit their articles. These staffers sometimes don’t know that the system (which is often hated) has another, longer name: it is actually a content management system,…

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    A system for getting things done

    I have a working system for getting things done. It wasn’t always that way. Years ago, going back to work after three years at home with a baby/toddler, I was overwhelmed. I am widely thought of as an organised person, but being a working parent meant I needed to up my game. I started out with complex task lists in the systems that come bundled with Windows, and added similarly complex calendars that linked to…

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