A 21st century business value – honesty 

An interview with Jack Seddon, bottler of honey and breaker of business models. What if we all went for total honesty in business?

When you buy something in a supermarket, how much do you know about it really? Say it’s a bottle of honey – where did the honey come from, where was it bottled, how did it get to that shelf?

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What will we give up to fix a broken world?

The climate crisis is often, and rightly framed, as a problem generated in the first world. And solutions and mitigations are framed as ways in which the first world needs to change.

Rebecca Solnit, a writer and historian, describes it this way:

Much of the reluctance to do what climate change requires comes from the assumption that it means trading abundance for austerity, and trading all our stuff and conveniences for less stuff, less convenience.

She proposes a different way of looking at things:

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