It’s not content marketing, it’s communication: Writing a brief

If you run a business and have been persuaded by everything you see on social media and the Internet generally that your marketing efforts should include “content”, then please sit down and think again.

The question to consider: what does “content” actually mean?

The Oxford dictionary definition (in my premium version) has four possibilities:

  • The things that are held or included in something (ie the contents of a glass jar)
  • A list of the chapters or sections given at the front of a book or periodical (the table of contents)
  • The material dealt with in a speech, literary work, etc. as distinct from its form or style
  • Information made available by a website or other electronic medium

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Simple HTML for content creators

No one becomes a journalist or a writer because they are interesting in coding.*

And yet, here we all are producing content for websites – which means that the text we produce will inevitably be underpinned by code.

For all the everyday things that we do to text for the web, the underlying language is something called HTML (or hypertext mark-up language).
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