How to generate ideas for your writing

Every now and then, I run a workshop on making blog content interesting at a local high school. The workshop always kicks off with a session on generating ideas for blog posts – though of course the ideas apply to all writing.

Here are thoughts on how to generate content ideas that I share (with the addition of some that have been shared by participants over the years):

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How I lost and found my craft mojo

I have always loved making things, using my hands to get things done.

For most of my life, that has meant sewing – making my own clothes, making patchwork quilts, making face masks, even making nifty little things to avoid spending money.

A good 10 years ago now I joined a quilting group. Over the years, the group has mutated to a craft group, where we sew and knit and do workshops and talk and support each other. We meet on the first and third Saturday afternoons of the month, in a local library.

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