Skin colour in emojis: the dilemma (solved?)

What to do about skin colour in emojis? There are no easy answers, but I think I got there…

My young son and his friends are gently amused by the way the parental generation uses emojis.

Apparently, we either use them too much, or too literally. When I send a smiley face emoji, I mean I am smiling. Out there in young-people-land, it’s not so simple.

Personally, I’m happy to keep on using emojis to express my feelings, directly and literally. What I have never been happy about is the issue of what colour to use when I pick a human-representative emoji (sometimes of course, the choice isn’t available; these things do vary from app to app and platform to platform).

Yes, indeed, I am about to venture into the territory of skin colour and its representation in the digital world.

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