Charity begins with a dress

Every March I wear a dress every day.

I am answering a challenge from the Milk Matters organisation, which provides donor breastmilk to premature babies. I wear a dress every day, and people sponsor me, much as they might sponsor a runner for every kilometre they run for a good cause.

It’s not a huge hardship to wear a dress, but it is a break from the routine outfit we all wear most of the time (jeans, shirt, jacket or jersey). From Milk Matters’s point of view, it is something that raises awareness easily, because it provides a photographable and shareable daily event. Continue reading

Covid-19 takes away, but it also gives

The other night we had a friend round for drinks. (Yes, we were socially distanced, yes we sat outside). She stayed for supper and we ate hamburgers, cooked for us by my 18-year-old son.

There were rolls from the local Spar, cheap cheddar cheese, slices of tomato and some lettuce. And a few sliced gherkins. We make our own hamburger patties, with supermarket onions and lots of Aromat. We laid the table with the usual family mats and hauled out the everyday crockery. Continue reading