Seven ways to save a stage of load shedding

Wandering around the house, looking for my other pair of glasses, yet again, I thought: if I could harness this energy and put it into the electricity grid, it would go quite a long way to powering the country out of load shedding.

If you put it all together, we might even be able to save a stage of load shedding.

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Load shedding – we have no words

There are cold dinners, disrupted sleep and general fear and loathing. South Africa’s energy crisis brings with it small irritations – and we need new words to describe them.

For non-South Africans, very briefly: our power utility is unable to supply enough power to meet demand, so there’s a system of scheduled rotational power cuts to deal with that. You can be without electricity for periods of two to hour hours, more or less, spread across various times of day.(Nine things you need to know about electricity)
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