Seven ways to save a stage of load shedding

Wandering around the house, looking for my other pair of glasses, yet again, I thought: if I could harness this energy and put it into the electricity grid, it would go quite a long way to powering the country out of load shedding.

If you put it all together, we might even be able to save a stage of load shedding.

Here are some other ways to generate energy that would help.

  1. That same wandering around the house, looking for a pair of scissors, or a set of keys, or the purse with that one bank card in it. 
  2. The leaping around a dog does when a meal is being dished up (when they know they will get the meal anyway).
  3. That very loud and very bad singing that happens when you are alone in the car.
  4. The intense, prolonged focus that our cat puts into trying to catch something under the kitchen cupboard – that she is now too big to get under.
  5. The pacing around the house when you are ready to go out – 20 minutes ahead of the time that you actually need to get into the car or call the Uber.
  6. The tossing and turning that happens at 3am when you are awake and worrying about things over which you have no control.
  7. The running around frantically looking for a writing implement while someone waits patiently on the other end of a phone call.

Of course, we can’t translate human or animal activity into energy. But it seems that our national power utility is equally far away from getting us enough of the stuff. And in the meanwhile, we can dream…

Main picture: Saúl Venegas, Unsplash

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