LinkedIn – can I learn to like it?

A new year brings the inevitable questions: what do I need to change about what I do on social media? How well did I do last year? Should I be on different platforms from the ones I am doing now? For me, it also brings the annual LinkedIn crisis.

Things is – all the experts say that I should be on LinkedIn. I know that I must be on LinkedIn. I am on LinkedIn.

But I really don’t like it.

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Social media for journalists who don’t want to do social media

It’s 2020 and social media is all round us – on our phones, on our computers, the subject of countless news stories.

Young journalists effortlessly navigate this landscape, as people born to it should.

Older journalists are probably using some platforms, some of the the time, with irritation or resignation or resentment. Because social media took our lunch, right? Google and Facebook and Twitter took the advertising and now our business model is stuffed. Continue reading