Life lessons: it starts with potatoes

I have a big birthday coming up this month. That means time for reflection and stock-taking, and the making of the odd list. In that spirit, I share some of my hard-won life lessons.

1. There can never be too many roast potatoes.

2. Almost everything you see on social media is likely to be nonsense – and the more serious the issue, the more nonsensical it will be.

3. When in doubt, make a list.

4. No matter how expensive or fancy the printer you buy, it will always be the most irritating piece of tech you have ever owned.

5. A salad is always better if you take the ingredients out of the fridge an hour before you start assembling.

6. No matter how hard you try to keep track of them, you will never be able to find a pair of scissors when you want one.

7. Never, ever give up on your family and friends.

8. In any complicated life situation, pick one expert to follow and stick with them (just one parenting book, for instance).

9. Do the things you love – and if that’s difficult, work to find ways to keep doing the things you love (if the water’s cold, buy a wetsuit).

10. The two most powerful words: “I’m sorry”.

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Main picture: Clark Douglas, Unsplash

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