Picture search made easy: A time-saving WordPress plugin

A short post today about my latest WordPress discovery: the Unsplash plugin.

I have written before of the challenge facing all content creators: the need for pictures to illustrate that content.

Unsplash is part of the solution. It is a source of high quality images, all of them free to use, and many of them free of the cheesiness that often accompanies free stock images.

Until recently the process to capture an Unsplash image went like this: search for an image on Unsplash; download the image on to your device; write content in WordPress; upload image to WordPress. Then get the URL from Unsplash (or wherever you stored it) and add that to the caption or the text.

Tedious, but hey, that’s the way most image sourcing works.
Illustraion of WordPress Unsplash plugin

And then I discovered the Unsplash plugin, which provides a tab inside the WordPress image functionality (see image). You search, choose your picture and capture the code from the details pulled through from Unsplash.

Simply brilliant!

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Photo by Jessica Delp on Unsplash

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